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Girls Fun

"Many people today, loyal to their own high ideals, walk toward the light of justice, honor, truth, and, the shadow of a good influence fall behind them. They too, attract rather than compel others toward goodness. They lure by the appeal of their own integrity and love."
Thank you for a wonderful trip. I don't know who wrote this above, but it reminded me of you.
- Maria M. AA Real Traveller many times over

Bhutan custom tour "A wonderful introduction to the people and culture of Cuzco as well as a physically challenging trek to one of the world's great wonders, all in the company of supportive and fascinating women. My travels with Adventure Associates continue to be highlights of my life."
-Joan A. Peru - Women's Inca Trail Trek and Spa 2009

"Kudos to you and your fine staff for putting Adventure Associates on the map as an outstanding adventure travel company that practices the principles of ecotourism!"
- Karen B. 2008

"A much needed adventure for my soul...helps me remember what life really is about."
- Paulette U. San Juan Islands Kayak Expedition 1999 San Juan Multisport group

"...the experience was fun and the fresh air and islands were exhilarating. Everything (including the food) was wonderful!! It was refreshing, invigorating and I felt very comfortable with the ladies, all of whom I'd never met previously. But it was the shared laughter that struck a chord for me, the memories still bring a smile to my lips. "
- Debbie E., San Juan Islands: Hike, Bike & Sea Kayak 2008

"Our female guides had a breadth of knowledge of the Baja area, including the flora, fauna and people. We were very impressed with their demeanor as well. Any information they presented to us was done in a low-key, positive way."
- Kari K., Baja, Mexico - Sea Kayak Expedition in the Sea of Cortez 2006

Real Traveller Friends
"We can't thank you enough for making the Tanzania trip possible for us-it was one of those transcendent experiences of heightened awareness and revelation. Our drivers were wise and patient, wonderfully professional...the animals were all marvelous, the land serene and huge, but visiting the Hazda people was the most moving experience - for all of us, I believe - and your idea of visiting some of the tribal people distinguishes your safaris from all the others I've looked at. Such human elegance and harmony with the landscape we had never seen before. It was a brief visit to the deep past, and quietly breathtaking."
- Molly W. & George W., Tanzania Cultural & Wildlife Safaris 2002 and 2006

Yellowstone Skiier "It was so special to experience the park with like-minded travelers."
- Liz K., Yellowstone Cross-Country Ski Safari 2006

"I went on this trip mainly to see the animals and experience some real winter but may have found a new hobby! Also, my coworkers all say I seem much more relaxed."
- Kelly C., Yellowstone Cross-Country Ski Safari 2006

"What seems to be staying with me is the feeling of peace and timelessness that I had while in the canyons. The Tarahumara, especially the ones who are more isolated, reflect those qualities. Their way of life is difficult and yet their close connection to the natural world is enviable. As a result of this trip, I feel inspired to simplify - get rid of extraneous 'stuff,' spend less time watching DVDs and more time outside exploring my world!"
- Carol K., Copper Canyon: Historic Rail & Lodge-based Exploration 2008

Copper Canyon Women Group "I can't begin to describe the feeling of freedom this trip has come to represent to me. I've felt a desire, since entering my 50's, to take a trip with a group of women; to finally act upon that desire is both satisfying and empowering. I'm hopeful it is the first in many trips of its kind - children's college tuition bills notwithstanding!"
- Ruth H., upon signing up for her first Adventure Associates trip: Copper Canyon: Historic Rail & Lodge-based Exploration 2007

"This was a trip of a lifetime - a chance to get so very close to nature & beauty - in a safe, educational context - a time to learn about my world and myself."
- Audrey S. Galapagos Islands Wildlife Cruise 2008 Galapagos Cruise hike

"Brilliant! Truly difficult to put into words - magical - where else do you ever get so up close and personal to so many fabulous birds and mammals? Nowhere!"
-Vivie G. Galapagos Wildlife Cruise 2008

"We didn't just see the amazing sights from a distance as observers, but with all the hiking we actually experienced the landscape first-hand and participated in a wonderful adventure.
I am very happy and pleased to have been a part of this fun and
educational adventure."
-Angie V. Custom All Women Copper Canyon Rail & Lodge 2008

Bhutan custom tour "My wife and I have been around the world and consider ourselves seasoned travelers, but both of us shed a few tears at the airport departing this charmed country [and our guide]. I'm still struggling to articulate what a momentous experience this was for us, but suffice it to say that I will never forget my time in Bhutan."
-Joseph W. Custom Escape to Bhutan 2009


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