Custom Tours

You do the invitations and we’ll take care of the details!

Looking for something unique and special? Traveling with your family? Charter a small boat Galapagos cruise for your own group?

Tell us the experience your are looking for and let us provide the expertise and logistics. Choose any of our scheduled or listed destinations and we will create a tour to match your dates and travel dreams.

Custom Adventure Highlights:
  • Any location in our listed destination
  • Tour dates and number of travel days
  • Number of travelers in you group
  • Activities of choice
  • The standard of accommodation (based on location)
  • Amenities you want included (meals, guides, transport, etc.)
  • Transfers (airport, train, etc.)

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“We didn’t just see the amazing sights from a distance as observers, but with all the hiking we actually experienced the landscape first-hand and participated in a wonderful adventure. I am very happy and pleased to have been a part of this fun and educational adventure.”


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