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As our summer kayaking season comes to an end in the charming San Juan Islands, we are delighted to offer a post season n Women's Multi-Adventure Tour. September is the best month to experience the islands. The weather is delightful: predictably dry, warm days & cool nights. The hype of tourism has passed. Immerse yourself into the magical islands' beauty & serenity. See our photo essay of the San Juans in September in our Fall Fun section.

We are also looking forward to Bhutan and our Coffee Harvest Tours as well as our most popular women's programs in the Galapagos and on the Sea of Cortez. Enjoy this mini-newsletter, and do consider booking early for 2007 adventures!

Sandy Braun, Director
Alice Tew, Adventure Team

Fall Highlights
Shoulder Season in the San Juan Islands, WA
Hike, Bike, Sea Kayak

Women's Multi-Adventure:
Hike, Bike, & Sea Kayak

Paddle to hidden beaches and quiet coves while viewing marine life. Bike a full day along rolling, pastoral hillsides, and hike through old-growth forests to summit the highest mountain in the islands! See Photos!
Sept 10-15, 2006

Limited Space - Book NOW for 10% off!

Escape to Bhutan
Tiger's Nest Monastery

Travel and trek with our local guides through breathtaking mosaics of cultivated fields, thick bamboo and pine forests, crafted Bhutanese style farm houses, prayer flags and fortress-like Dzongs.
Oct 31-Nov 16, 2006

Coffee Harvest Tours
India (Coed)
Coffee Cupping

Eight days visiting the majestic temples in Belur and Halebid, learning the coffee pulping process at various estates, touring an Indian tea factory, and sightseeing at the tallest monolithic statue in the world at Sravana Belgola. Jan 13 - 20, 2007

Costa Rica (Women)
Women of Coffee

Spend a week touring and coffee cupping in fair trade and organic coffee mills in the Brunca, Tarrazu, and Orosi regions, visiting the Women’s Committee of Coope Agri, and re- energizing at the Tabacon resort and spa. Feb 18 - 24, 2007

2007 - Popular Trips Book Now!
Our Most Popular Women's Trips

These women's tours are scheduled for prime seasonal travel dates and are highly competitive. They will fill by early fall, so CALL NOW to express your interest...It's never too early to plan your next adventure!

Galapagos Women's Cruise
Galapagos Cruise

Our special 20-passenger women's charter in the Galapagos takes place when the ocean is a mild 74°F and the air maxes out at 82°F. Book early for this unforgettable wildlife expedition through one of the most diverse marine environments in the world!
May 27 - June 4, 2007

Women's Baja Sea Kayaking
Sea of Cortez

A warm water paradise awaits you sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez: snorkeling in colorful tidal pools, viewing playful dolphins, relaxing under the desert sun in the shadow of a giant cacti, and sharing stories around a campfire with panga fishermen. Feb 25 - Mar 4, 2007

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