May 2007

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Dear Sandy,

Are you ready for summertime? Gear up with Adventure Associates for a sea kayaking trip through the marine paradises of the Pacific Northwest: The sunny San Juan Islands, just 90 miles north of Seattle, or the Queen Charlotte Islands, also known as the "Canadian Galapagos".

***ALERT! Queen Charlottes Kayak Expedition for Women - TWO SPACES just opened! Call Now!***

International Fall Journeys are also just around the corner - you will need to plan ahead for these once-in-a-lifetime adventures: Bhutan, Laos & Cambodia, Galapagos Cruises, Mt. Kilimanjaro, or any custom designed trip!

In our 20th year of business, we are full of reasons to celebrate. Read about our inspired Real Travellers, our mission to "Give Back" since 1987, and see what is in store for the future in our 20th Anniversary Press Release.

Sandy Braun, Director
Alice Tew, Adventure Team

20th Anniversary Press Release
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"Our first trip was to Africa. That was before you could fly directly into Kilimanjaro airport," says owner Sandra Braun. "To this day, my biggest joy is hearing from a trip participant who has just returned from Africa...they return with an overwhelming compassion for the people, the traditional village life,...

Summer Escapes
San Juan Islands, WA: 3-Day Whale Watch Kayaking
Orca Kayaking

3-Day Whale Watch Kayaking for Women

3-Day Whale Watch Kayaking for Everyone

June is Orca Whale Month!
See the Orca Whales at eye-level in their natural habitat! $475-$495 June-Sept departures

San Juan Islands, WA: 6-Day Women Only Trips

Kayak Expedition
Paddle to remote island camps, improve kayaking skills. $859
July 15-20 FULL
Aug 12-17
Sept 11-16

Multi-Sport: Hike, Bike & Sea Kayak
Active week of island-hopping and great cuisine. $995
July 22-27
July 29 - Aug 3
Aug 5-10
Aug 19-24

Queen Charlottes Kayak Expedition
San Juan Kayak Expedition

Sea Kayaking in Gwaii Haanas National Park, you'll find yourself in the home of native Haida people and a kayaker's delight. Visit with Haida "watchmen," beach comb among the rainbow of marine creatures at low tide, and cross your fingers for a rare Tufted Puffin sighting! All Women. $1995
Aug 24-Sept 4, 2007

Queen Charlottes Mothership Kayaking
Haida Bow

What is "Mothership Kayaking"?

Gather a few friends together for a one-of-a-kind experience in the marine wilderness off British Columbia: visit with Haida storytellers, spot wildlife in the old-growth forests of Gwaii Haanas National Park, and enjoy the freedom of kayaking to hidden coves and tranquil beaches from your live-aboard mothership! $2195 June-Aug departures

Fall Journeys
Laos & Cambodia:
Cultural Immersion and Multi-Sport for Women

Laos Boatmen

A once-in-a-lifetime 22-day cultural immersion on the Mekong through Northern Laos and the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Enjoy kayaking, bicycling, hiking, riverboat tours of stilt-villages, and jungle treks to hidden temples with expert bilingual guides. $3575
Oct 28 - Nov 19, 2007

Bhutan: The Dragon Kingdom (Coed)
Festival Dancers

Journey to the "Dragon Kingdom," one of the extraordinary countries of the Himalayas. Learn Bhutan's customs and traditions by visiting traditional farmhouses adorned with prayer flags, attending celebration festivals, and hiking Bhutan through breathtaking bamboo and pine forests. $3575
Oct 23 - Nov 9, 2007

2008 Preview
Galapagos Cruises for Women
Happy Snorkeling

New Dates and Prices for one of our most popular trips. Experience the Galapagos Islands on a cruise with women only - each boat limited to 20 passengers - book today!
Iguana Deck: $3445
Booby Deck: $3775
Dolphin Deck: $4045
Feb 2-11, April 12-21,
August 23-Sept 1

Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb & Classic Safari
Mt. Kili Summit

The last successful summit was in February 2007. Be in the next group of women to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2008! Climb: $3289 / Safari: $3979
Both: $6225
Feb 15 - March 6, 2008

Read a BLOG of Mt. Kili 2007 and see photos from this year's trip.

Yellowstone Ski Safari!
Yellowstone Gals

Will you be among the few on our annual winter cross-country ski safari into Yellowstone National Park? Join a group of women to experience the serenity and adventure of Yellowstone in winter! $1475
Feb 15 - 23, 2008

Join Us - Our trips are your travel dreams!


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