The Adventure Associates Difference

Travel Made Easy
Planning and preparing for a wilderness or a foreign travel adventure can be very complex and involve tremendous logistics. We are committed to making adventure travel accessible and easy.

Here’s how:

  • We assist you in securing the best possible flight arrangements.
  • We maintain a trip pace that maximizes flexibility, safety and personal exploration.
  • We provide all the specialized outdoor equipment (tents, sleeping bags, packs, etc*), so you do not need to purchase lots of costly equipment
  • We include most meals, lodging, in-country transportation, park and entrance fees, guide and planned activity costs in the printed trip fee*.

Travel Value

Travelling in a small group (typically 6 to 12 people) allows for a personalized experience and meaningful camaraderie. You’ll find your adventure dollar to be well spent.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Itineraries with the flavor of independent travel and the convenience of an organized tour. We design our own itineraries and do not simply market other companies’ trips. We know our trips personally and are happy to discuss in detail your questions.
  • Unique travel opportunities not easily accessible to the single, time-limited traveller.
  • Professional staff who are absolutely dedicated to every detail of your journey.

Travel Responsibly & Sustainably

We recognize the privilege of adventure travel and actively promote an ethic of care with respect to the people and the lands we visit. You can be sure that your visit will have only a positive impact.

Here’s how we contribute:

  • We financially support the local environmental efforts and local economies.
  • We travel in small groups and select appropriate ecological areas and modes of travel.
  • We employ in-country and indigenous people as guides, drivers and land operators.
  • Whenever possible, we utilize locally owned and eco-friendly establishments — hotels and lodges, ground transportation — and specialty operators — rafting, sea kayaking, etc.
  • Learn more about how we’re Giving Back in the next section.

* There are occasional exceptions to this policy. Review your specific trip itinerary for details.



“We didn’t just see the amazing sights from a distance as observers, but with all the hiking we actually experienced the landscape first-hand and participated in a wonderful adventure. I am very happy and pleased to have been a part of this fun and educational adventure.”


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